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Welcome to Watch Winder Works.

Your one-stop shop for quality Watch Winders, Watch Storage Boxes and Exquisite Watch Accessories-

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Which watch winder is right for my watch?

Deciding on a watch winder is easy - just ask yourself the following questions:
1. How many watches do I need to have wound?
2. Will my winder be on display?

If it's going to be hidden away there is no need to spend extra moneys on its looks, but if you want the winder to set off the watch and also be admired for its design and craftsmanship, then we offer a large choice of watch winders to feast your eyes on. Obviously this is a very personal decision.

And why would you need a watch winder anyway, you ask
Although current lubricating compounds used in mechanical watches are very stable and long lasting it is recommended that the watch movement be kept "ticking" to ensure that all moving parts are properly lubricated just as your engine oil lubricates all moving parts in your Ferrari :-)
Also, a mechanical watch will require a service approx. once every 5 years to ensure correct time keeping and longevity

All our watch winders are virtually noiseless and can service the heaviest and complicated of automatic chronometers and suit small as well as large diameter watch bracelets/straps. They have a gentle action and comply with Rolex, Omega, Tag, Breitling and all other exclusive brand manufacturers' TPD (turns per day) specifications.

All can be set for different TPD or time-set intervals and switched to rotate clockwise, anticlockwise or alternate in both directions (with resting periods) to simulate a watch being worn on the wrist.

Most are powered by an AC adapter, a few by batteries only and some can do both.

A full 12 months warranty on workmanship as well motors/electronics is provided.

Any warranty claims (we have had very few in the fifteen years we have been selling watch winders) are covered by our in-house repair/exchange service which is fully stocked with spare parts.



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